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Photo Ready

Assistant Professor of Art Walt Bistline's own path to photography is unusual. After working as a lawyer for twenty-five years, Bistline decided to pursue his creative passion behind the lens. Leaving the corporate world behind, Bistline earned his M.F.A. in photography from the University of Houston and applied for the photo position at Earlham College - a school he admits to knowing very little about at first.

Earlham proved to be a great fit. For one thing, Bistline likes that Earlham still teaches traditional dark room photography, a practice that is dwindling among other institutions of higher education. Bistline also emphasizes how rare it is that at Earlham, he often has students in one photo class from majors all over campus. He explains how important that diversity is in the classroom to contributing to a student's artistic development. 

Earlham's Indiana setting has also inspired Bistline in his own work. Through an ongoing series of photos called "Earthbound," Bistline explores an understanding of the Midwest. Bistline's photography has received numerous awards and been displayed in various exhibits nationwide. In 2012, Bistline had three photos accepted into the Healing Art Project competition to be displayed at the McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital in Oxford, OH.

When asked why photography is his medium of choice Bistline replied, "All of a sudden I see the shot and then everything else just goes. I can forget about being freezing cold in the rain for hours when I see the shot I want."

A selection of Bistline's photos are available at www.flickr.com/photos/waltbistline.


Walt Bistline

Walt Bistline, Assistant Professor of Art

M.F.A. University of Houston

Interests: Photography, teaching

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