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Dreaming of Impact


Brytnie Jones ’17 wants Earlham to help her reach out to a larger number of readers.

As a member of the Young Voices Panel of the Northwest Indiana Times newspaper, Jones has a column published every other month. This past summer she interned in the Gary Mayor’s office working for Chelsea Whittington, Gary’s director of communications. She self-published her first novel Looking for Love as a high school junior and is working on a second novel. Currently she is applying for the National Journalism Center Internship in Washington, DC.

“I love writing, and I think I have loved it since I first began learning it in elementary school,” she says. “... There’s not just one way to write something. I love the feel and the sound of the language and how you can play with words, and I love metaphors.”

She credits Toni Morrison as perhaps her favorite author and August Wilson as her favorite playwright, but she says Junie B. Jones creator Barbara Park introduced her to an early love for reading.

Planning her dream

For several years Jones has been researching and planning her dream project.

“I want to start my own magazine, and I want my magazine to be a positive influence on the world,” she says. One of her ideas incudes highlighting disasters and telling positive stories that are linked to disasters.

“These will be encouraging stories that will impact people and their lives by showing them the good that people do and the good that just generally happens to people,” she explains. “It won’t be geared toward a specific age, but rather for all ages, and I want it to feature a mixture of stories about everyday people and celebrities.”

Her eventual goal in six to eight years is to have her own print magazine, which she has entitled Impact, but she hopes to start an online version in the next year or two.

“I believe that Earlham will help me to improve my writing skills and other skills necessary to start a magazine,” she explains. “I also came to Earlham because of its diversity, and because I want Impact to appeal to a diverse audience. I think Earlham can help me learn about and understand stories from different races and cultures. I want to tell people’s stories in a way that will benefit everyone.”

Brytnie Jones

Brytnie Jones 2017

Hometown: Gary, Ind.

Major at Earlham: English

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