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Physical Therapy and Yoga

After receiving a degree in neuroscience, Lancaster, Pennsylvania native Laura Ladlow ’12 returned to her home state to enter the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Temple University.

Initially attracted to Earlham and a liberal arts program because of its balanced education and a diversity of students and interests on campus, Ladlow found that she developed a respect, appreciation and curiosity for many different areas of study by pursuing her undergraduate education here.

“Earlham offered so many dynamic and powerful classes,” she recalls.  Naturally, she took many science classes.  Earlham Seminar and Interpretive Practices courses were especially meaningful, studying and discussing literature in an intimate setting.

Like many Earlhamites, her education wasn’t limited to the four walls of the classroom.  She studied in Tanzania for a semester, where five different homestays and frequent moves forced her from her comfort zone, yet left her with an experience that continues to shape her even today.

Ladlow is quick to praise the Earlham faculty, saying they go “above and beyond”.  She recently applied for a position with the United States Public Health Service and needed to supply references.  She selected Bob Rosenberg (biology), “the best professor I’ve ever had”, as well as a faculty member from Temple. Rosenberg wrote so much that he needed additional space to complete the recommendation!

She took time out from studying while at Earlham, participating in Cross Country, Track & Field, Women’s Rugby, the Outdoors Club, student government, and Dance Alloy Co-Convener.  She found it easy to get involved in many different organizations, try new things and develop leadership skills.  Off campus, she enjoyed pursuing her yoga practice at Richmond’s Beatree Yoga Studio.

Once at Temple, Ladlow recognized that Earlham’s biology and chemistry curriculum had given her a strong base of knowledge for graduate work.  She was anxious about her first physiology exam of graduate school, having taken the same subject at Earlham with Rosenberg.  She studied hard, did her best, and was thrilled to be the only student who received a 100%!  She credits the faculty at Earlham for their excellent preparation, as well as helping develop “soft skills” in students, such as good work ethics, critical thinking skills, academic integrity and group collaboration.

Planning to graduate in May 2015, she teaches yoga while pursuing her degree.  Her desire is to create a holistic practice blending her passion for yoga with her physical therapy knowledge. 

Laura Ladlow

Laura Ladlow 2012, Student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Temple University

B.A., Earlham College

Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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