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Helping People Through Science

Sydney McBride’15 always knew that her profession would relate to helping people. As she grew older, she discovered a strong interest in science, and by the time she had to think about college, she already knew she wanted to pursue a degree in medical field. “For me it made sense, I could help people by using my interest in science, the perfect match,” says McBride.

A rising junior and biochemistry major now, McBride is most excited about progressing with her education, as she is getting ready to take Medical College Admissions Test.

“My dream of going to medical school was actually one of the reasons I chose Earlham,” says McBride. As she was searching for a college with a strong science program, Earlham stood out immediately for the strong preparation in the field and high acceptance rate to medical school.  “I feel confident that Earlham will help me get into medical school,” says McBride as she prepares for her junior year.

For McBride Earlham became a place where she challenged herself academically and personally. In sophomore year she took Immunology course with professor Peter Blair, which she describes as extremely interesting class, but a very challenging one at the same time. “There were moments that I began to doubt my abilities and doubt my plans for medical school.  However, Peter was so helpful and supportive that I made it through the class and have regained confidence in my abilities,” says McBride. She also adds that situations like this make her grateful for having chosen Earlham.

This summer McBride completed an internship at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, where she worked with Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeter, a thermal analysis technique. McBride says that even though the internship did not directly relate to the medical field, it was still a unique opportunity to get new experience.

“Some of the equipment is new to me. But because of my detailed background with the many labs at Earlham I have been able to ask the right questions and pick up the new techniques (which I know will be helpful in the future),” she says.

McBride is not sure yet which field in medicine she wants to focus on. For now she prefers to focus on the academics and other opportunities that can help her determine her future career path. “It is a great major to prepare you for medical school, but also, if the time comes that I decide not to go on to medical school there are still so many options.  Biochemistry as a major opens up so many doors and opportunities,” she says.

Sydney McBride

Sydney McBride 2015

Hometown: New Carlisle, Ind.

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