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Global Learning

Chancellor Milligan ’13 will extend his stay in Japan for at least another two years as he introduces students at the Tokyo Friends School to the Hoosier way of life.

Milligan, who is just finishing a two-year appointment as assistant teacher of English at Morioka Public Senior High School, was hired for a two-year teaching post beginning in August at the Tokyo Friends School.

“Although there are many new and exciting opportunities awaiting me this fall, my main role will be to teach English conversation alongside Japanese and other foreign English teachers,” he says. “ I will also assist with the school’s English Club, which performs an English play every year at the school festival in the fall.”

Because the Tokyo Friends School is also a Quaker institution, some of the things he learned at Earlham will prove beneficial in his new position.

“First is the idea of each individual holding a piece of truth within,” he explains. “To me this is easily recognized at Earlham by the importance of having co-conveners at the helm of each organization, striving to facilitate consensus with their given organization. The same idea of working together to pursue truth, a sound educational curriculum and an exceptional learning environment, are principals that the Friends School also seems to hold dear.”

Milligan, who is originally from Portland, Ind., and majored in Human Development and Social Relations, says he was drawn to the Tokyo Friends School because of its international focus.

“Having attended Earlham and living abroad for going on two years, I have realized the importance of approaching issues from a global perspective,” he says. “Also, having studied alongside students fro all over the world, I hope to be able to be a resource for students to explore interests outside of Western countries. One aspect that I feel is left out of the equation is that of the rural, and I look forward to introducing students to the Hoosier way of life.”



Chance Milligan

Chancellor Milligan 2013, Assistant Teacher, Morioka Public Senior High School, Japan

Hometown: Portland, Ind.

Major at Earlham: Human Development and Social Relations

Interests: Japanese culture and language; human behavior and social systems

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