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Politician in Training

Abhinav Khanal’16,  a Politics major, wants to become a politician in his native Nepal.

He was motivated to by his father, who has served in the government for 25 years, and had to sacrifice a lot for it.

“Being the son of a person who has done that, I really got a lot of inspiration,” says Khanal.

Khanal’s ambition to serve his country is also driven by the fact that the political situation in Nepal and in South Asia in general tends to be shaky and unstable. He believes that young people have to start dealing with many issues that his country faces.

“For me, the focus has been politics because this is what really drives me. It is something I can write about, something I can debate over, it is something that I really feel passionate about,” says Khanal.

Khanal believes in grassroots organizing and volunteerism as the major moving forces for political change. “What I enjoy the most not just here at Earlham, but also in general is freelance activism,” he says. For Khanal it is joining organizations in order to help where necessary in the best possible way.

“And that is what I like about politics too — the ability of a person to create change by instilling passion on people and motivating other people,” he adds.

Freelance Activist

At Earlham, Khanal already found the way to pursue freelance activism. In fall 2012 he was elected as the Vice President of Communications for the Earlham Student Government (ESG) and has worked a lot to improve transparency of communication within the student body. He appreciates ESG’s focus on community service, student oriented decision-making and hopes to stay involved for as long as he can.

“Talking to people, getting in touch with people and networking, I think those are really important things to do especially when you study politics,” says Khanal about his work with ESG.

He has also taken part in Model United Nations Conferences hosted by Earlham and other universities and in the Model Arab League at Miami University (Ohio).

Khanal regards these experiences as key for understanding the world and preparing to go into politics. “It is really important for someone who wants to be the leader of the nation to learn how the rest of the world thinks and what views of other countries are, and that is something that I learned from the Model UN,” he says.

(Written by Anastasia Vladimirova ’15)

Abhinav Khanal

Abhinav Khanal 2016

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

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