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Our faculty will guide you in the classroom, lab, studio and field. They’ll lead you on off-campus study and research experiences around the globe.

Professors. Mentors. Advocates.

Talented faculty and dedicated staff committed to professional preparation and student success.

As mentors and advocates, faculty and staff have an unwavering commitment to Earlham students. This means a dedication to helping them find the true potential in their lives and forging their own distinct paths. Students work alongside their professors as equals, and this extraordinary student access to faculty in classrooms, laboratories, offices and study venues is all done on a first-name basis. It is a learning partnership that is constant, expected and—as evidenced by the number of life-changing, community-shaping alumni worldwide—proven.


At Earlham, we have a 9:1 student to professor ratio. That means you will have one-on-one time and attention
in each class.


Earlham College is consistently ranked as one of the colleges with the “Best Classroom Experience”, according to The Princeton Review.


Ninety-five percent of our faculty hold terminal degrees in their field of study and are 100 percent interested in your success, both in and out of the classroom.

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From breast cancer research to authoring new poetry, our faculty are always researching, teaching, creating and collaborating with students to contribute to the world, for good.

“We have a uniquely collaborative relationship with our students. We are all colleagues in the lab, working as true partners. The students call professors by our first names.”

Lori Watson, professor of chemistry


Earlham is a community like none other. Our students and faculty are partners in learning, seeking truth wherever truth may lead. Click below to learn more about how our faculty are prepared to help you succeed.

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