Zuoting Wen, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral fellow of Chinese language and culture

Email:[email protected]

Department: Languages and Cultures

Programs: Chinese Studies
Chinese Languages

Location: Carpenter Hall, Room 237
801 National Road
Richmond, Indiana 47374

About me

I am a literary and cultural historian of premodern China and Northeast Asia. I teach courses in Mandarin Chinese and literature written in Classical Chinese.

I enjoy teaching at Earlham because our international campus offers me opportunities to interact with many achieved and aspiring individuals. Students who are studying Chinese, interested in Chinese literature, history and East Asian culture, or readers of world literature are welcome to talk to me.


  • Ph.D., Arizona State University
  • M.A., Peking University
  • B.A., Central China Normal University

Professional memberships

Scholarly interest

My research focuses on the literature of the Liao (907–1125), Jin (1115–1234), Yuan (1206–1368), Xi Xia (1038–1227), and Goryeo (918–1392) dynasties. I am interested in exploring how writers from non-Chinese speaking areas established their subjectivities in Classical Chinese writings and the roles that literary canons played in imperial China’s interactions with Northeast Asian-originated regimes.

Research projects

My current research revolves around my first book project, “Born of the North Wind: Northern Chinese Poetry and the Eurasian Steppes, 1206–1260.” I explore how Confucian literati from Jin-ruled North China maintained their cultural heritages during the Mongol era.

Published works

Journal Article

“Jin Yuan shiqi Bei Song wenwu zai beifang diqu de liuchuan ji yingxiang: yi Xuanhe san pu de jieshou wei kaocha zhongxin” 金元時期北宋文物在北方地區的流傳及影響—以‘宣和三譜’的接受為考察中心 (The transmission and impact of Northern Song antique collections in north China during the Jin and Yuan dynasties: with a focus on the acceptance of three catalogues of the Xuanhe imperial collection). Guoji Hanxue yanjiu tongxun 國際漢學研究通訊 17 (2018): 175–194.

Book article

Bronze and Stone: The Cult of Antiquity in Song Dynasty China by Yunchiahn C. Sena, Chinese Literature Essays Articles and Reviews 42 (2020): 181–185.