Haruka Ogawa, Ph.D.

Visiting assistant professor of Japanese language and linguistics

Email:[email protected]

Department: Languages and Cultures

Programs: Japanese Studies
Japanese Language and Linguistics

Location: Carpenter Hall, Room 236
801 National Road
Richmond, Indiana 47374

About me

Learning a new language is a life-long journey. How can I enjoy this journey myself and how do I help my students do so? These are the questions that I ask myself every day. I studied theoretical linguistics as I was fascinated by how a language works, and in recent years, I have been studying translation as I am intrigued by human cognition. My hobby (as a researcher) is to watch Japanese anime and check English subtitles.


  • Ph.D., Kent State University
  • M.A., Kyoto University
  • B.A., Osaka Kyoiku University

Professional memberships

Scholarly interest

My ultimate research goal is to better understand how people utilize their knowledge and skills when engaging in bilingual operations, such as translation. To this aim, I have studied the difference between professional and untrained translators. I am planning on investigating how translation practice and machine translation can be used in language courses.

Research projects

I am currently working on a collaborative project with scholars in Japan. We are investigating whether syntactic features of Japanese translation (i.e., gyakuokuri-yaku vs. junokuri-yaku) derived from English texts influence the amount of cognitive effort one needs to expend when checking the accuracy of translation.

Published works

Ogawa, H. (2021). Difficulty in English-Japanese Translation: Cognitive Effort and Text/Translator Characteristics (Doctoral dissertation, Kent State University).

Ogawa, H., Gilbert, D., & Almazroei, S. (2021). redBird: rendering entropy data and ST-based information into a rich discourse on translation. In Explorations in Empirical Translation Process Research (pp. 141-163). Springer.