Fariba Khoshnasib-Zeinabad, Ph.D.

Visiting assistant professor of mathematics

Email:[email protected]

Department: Data Science

Office: Institutional Effectiveness

Location: Center for Science and Technology Room 209
801 National Road
Richmond, Indiana 47374

About me

I love to engage in interdisciplinary research involving math and statistics with other sciences. I’m very excited about being at Earlham and teaching Earlham’s amazing students. Here, I have involved two of my students in a data science project, and it has been very rewarding so far. I am also trying to engage more females in mathematics and science.

Among my favorite activities are spending time with family, working out, walking, basketball, cooking, volunteering and playing with pets. My hobbies include comedy shows and mandalas.

From the moment I heard that at Earlham, we make decisions by consensus, I fell in love with Earlham. I enjoy working with colleagues to accomplish goals at the department. Meeting many motivated, hardworking, positive-thinking students when I came over for campus interview was another reason I chose Earlham. I am very excited to accomplish lots and lots of research and teaching goals with our amazing students, faculty and staff crew.


  • Ph.D., University of Texas, Dallas
  • M.S., University of Texas, Dallas
  • B.S., University of Texas, Dallas

Professional memberships

Research projects

  • Bifurcations of Liouville Tori for rigid body motion systems
  • Predictive analysis in Data Science projects
  • Relationship between integral means

Collaborative student research experiences

  • Emotion analysis using twitter rest API: In this project, we can compare people‚Äôs reactions to different products by getting data from thousands of Twitter posts.
  • Modeling projects
  • Integrable systems

Scholarly interest

I am interested in mathematical and statistical applications to real-world problems as well as learning more about laws that make mathematics and physics beautiful and abstract at times. I have a passion for interdisciplinary research that takes mathematics beyond the classroom so that anyone can appreciate and realize the importance and beauty of it.

Published works

F. Khoshnasib-Zeinabad and M.H. Mehrabi. “On complementaries of a mean function”. In progress

F. Khoshnasib-Zeinabad and Mehdi Rouholamini. “Solution of a family of PDEs modeling pipeline transport of natural gas “. In progress

F. Khoshnasib-Zeinabad and Vladimir Dragovic. “The Topology of Liouville foliations for the Poincare integrable case on so(4)”.Submitted August 2018

F. Khoshnasib-Zeinabad. “Stability of motion of a rigid body filled with fluid”. ICMM 2018, Vienna, Austria

F. Khoshnasib-Zeinabad. “Bifurcations of Liouville Tori on E(3) for Poincare case”. USTARS proceedings, April 2018.

F. Khoshnasib, M. Aminian, A. Bagheri, A. Cengiz, A. Choudhary, M. Banwarth-Kuhn, A. Kirkegaard, H. Yaple. “Predicting Exacerbations and Associated Triagein Asthma and COPD patients”. Data Science group. MPI 2018. Claremont Graduate University

F. Khoshnasib-Zeinabad and M.H. Mehrabi. “On some integral means”. Submitted January 2018