Craig Earley

Post-baccalaureate position in computer science

Email:[email protected]

Department: Computer Science

Location: Center for Science and Technology Room 214
801 National Road
Richmond, Indiana 47374

About me

I am the Department of Computer Science’s post-baccalaureate faculty member. I serve as faculty supervisor to the system administration applied group in the Department, which administers educational platforms for computer science students and high-performance computing clusters for scientific research across departments. I collaborate in course instruction and in decision-making within computer science and in partnership with other groups on campus.

My experience as a student at Earlham taught me a lot: how to work with a group of people, how to conduct a project, how to break a problem into pieces to solve it, how to think about big and important questions and how to build community. It was a true education informed by theory, experience and experiment. I returned as a faculty member because I want us to continue excelling at providing such experiences to all our students.


  • B.A., Earlham College

Research project

Collaborative student research experiences

In my own work and around Earlham, student projects are opportunities for growth and improvement at every level, from the student individually, to the college, to society. In some cases, students envision, design and implement projects on their own; in others, we, the faculty, create projects and invite them to join. The interplay of those is part of what makes the experience of being at Earlham so valuable. In computer science, students are integral to every single project we do, whether that’s designing server systems, monitoring campus energy use, piloting drones to collect field data in Iceland or providing platforms for undergraduate student-faculty research in a variety of disciplines.

Scholarly interest

Software development, system administration, issues at the intersection of society and technology