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Waste Determination

Who makes the Hazardous Waste Determination?

The Chemical Hygiene Officer, in consultation with the faculty or staff member producing the waste, makes the waste determination. This is done to simplify regulatory concerns.

For current & on-going processes:

The Chemical Hygiene Officer is aware of the current, and on-going chemical processes at Earlham that produce hazardous waste and determinations have been made. If you believe there a process that the CHO does not know about, or if a significant change is made that affects the volume or composition of the waste generated, please contact the CHO.

For new chemical processes:

Please contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer in advance of starting your chemical process. This gives the CHO time to research the process and make a hazardous waste determination, if necessary. Once the process has been reviewed by the CHO and any waste determinations made, it is only necessary to contact the CHO when a waste container is full, or if any significant change is made that would affect the volume or composition of waste generated.

The Chemical Hygiene Officer is your resource to ensure environmental compliance at Earlham College.

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