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Legacy Items

"Old Stuff I Don't Want Anymore"

Legacy items are chemicals and waste products from days gone by. Many of these old chemicals result from faculty who retired or left, and failed to dispose of chemicals that would not be reused by the remaining faculty members.

During the 2010 EPA Audit process, numerous legacy items were identified and disposed of in a one time, special disposal at a cost of $14,000.

To prevent buildup of legacy items in the future, departments should review their chemicals on a regular basis (recommended annually). Departments should contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer with a list of items they do not want any longer. The CHO will attempt to redistribute these items to other departments for reuse if possible.

In addition, faculty that retire or otherwise leave the college should review their research/special project chemicals with their department for reuse potential. If the chemicals are unlikely to be reused by that department, the retiring/leaving faculty member should contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer.

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