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Earlhamites from all majors have found careers in the Law sector. Use this guide to identify ways to start building your portfolio.


Apply for Internships

Below are some examples of Earlham Network Employers who offer internships that could help you gain experience in this sector. Learn more about applying for internships here.

  • Friends Committee on National Legislation


Volunteer in Richmond

Log in to Earlham Engage to follow some of these agencies and find out about their volunteer needs.

  • City of Richmond
  • Whitewater Valley Pro Bono Commission






Related Earlham Programs

Partner any of the below programs with a Pre-Law focus:

Public Policy
Peace and Global Studies
International Studies


Useful Links

US News and World Report Best Law Schools

Law Jobs



Possible Career Paths

  • Private Practice
  • Securities Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Tax Law
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Liability Issues
  • Contract Law
  • Legal Aid Services
  • Public Defense
  • Civil Rights Law
  • Indigent Services
  • Law Reform
  • Litigation
  • Advisory/Counsel
  • Regulatory
  • Public Policy
  • Criminal Prosecution/Law
  • Patent, Copyright, and Intellectual Property Law
  • Energy, Natural Resources, and Environmental Law
  • Family and Juvenile Law
  • Health Law
  • International Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Employment Law
  • Sports and Entertainment Law
  • Property and Real Estate Law
  • Education Law
  • Lobbying and Government Relations
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