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What We Do

Bonner Scholars volunteer locally, nationally, and internationally. Bonners are expected to undertake significant projects within their service that connect, whenever possible, to personal, academic, and career goals. Bonners have the ability to combine a study abroad, internship, or course work with their Bonner experience to enhance their Earlham education.


What Do Bonners Think About the Program? 

"As a low-income student, I never thought I could go to a school as expensive as Earlham College. No only do I appreciate the [Bonner Scholarship], but also the connections I made and the experiences I've had. All the amazing memories I have at Earlham College...[are] possible in some way because of Bonner."

-Rising Junior in the Bonner Program

"The Bonner Program has allowed me to attend college in general—something unheard of in my household. At the same time, I get to do something I love: giving back to my community."

-Rising Junior in the Bonner Program


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Where Are Bonners Volunteering? 

Bonner Scholars are part of a community that strives to develop expertise and leadership during a student’s four years at Earlham. As part of the program, Bonner Scholars are expected to complete an average of 10 hours of service a week (140 hours per semester) during the academic year and two full summers of service (280 hours per summer).

Recent locations of Bonner school-year service include:

                  • Arizona (Tuscon)
                  • Indiana (Richmond)
                  • New York (New York City)
                  • West Virgina (Big Ugly, Charleston)
                  • Ecuador (Quito)
                  • Greece (Athens)
                  • India (Dharamshala)
                  • New Zealand (North Island, Whanganui)
                  • Spain (Grenada)
                  • United Kingdom (London)  

Who do we partner with?

Visit our website, Earlham Engage, to learn more about our community partners.


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