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Visit Indonesia

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For more information about this exciting travel opportunity, please contact Bill Buskirk `66.

Indonesia: Bali, The Spice Islands and Raja Ampat

October 2017

Join Bill Buskirk `66 and Marianne Cope `71 on a journey of exploration to Bali and the remote islands of Eastern Indonesia. This trip is surely to be one of the richest and most rewarding travel experiences Bill has led – a great opportunity for adventurous travelers looking to expand their travel horizons, broaden their understanding of a fascinating part of the world, and experience a vast, pristine, marine wilderness area still only lightly touched by tourism.

Trip highlights include:

  1. Hiking through UNESCO World Heritage listed rice fields of Jatiluwih, Bali
  2. Exploring Balinese temples & shrines / Learning about Balinese spirituality
  3. Visiting artisan workshops and markets in Ubud
  4. 11 nights cruising on a traditional Indonesian pinisi
  5. Penemu Island’s “Hidden Bay”
  6. The prehistoric petroglyph cave art of Raja Ampat
  7. Sea Kayaking and paddle boarding from the Katharina
  8. Hiking and birding in Seram’s Manusela National Park
  9. Visiting remote villages only very lightly touched by the outside world
  10. Learning about the life and work of Alfred Russel Wallace, and following in his footsteps
  11. Daily opportunities to snorkel in some of the most marine wildlife rich waters in the world

The journey starts and ends in fabled Bali, an exceptionally beautiful land, rich in history, culture and diverse spiritual traditions. We will have days to explore the area around Ubud in the central highlands, combing favorite activities such as birding, trekking, and photography with visits to ancient sites, artisan workshops, and an inspirational, innovative, eco-friendly school.

The heart of our adventure are the days we’ll spend on the Pinisi, Katharina, sailing from the white-sand dotted islands of the Moluccan and Banda Seas to the astonishing region of Raja Ampat, which has arguably the greatest marine biodiversity in the world. Here in a region that has been called the Galapagos of South East Asia, we will stop at scarcely populated and seldom visited islands, learn about local cultures and traditions, snorkel over pristine reefs and through stalactite encrusted grottos, and hike into primeval forest in search of birds of paradise. Along the way, we will enjoy our wonderful boat, its friendly crew, and the unique fellowship that forms during a great sea voyage.

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Visit India

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For more information about this exciting travel opportunity, please contact Bill Buskirk `66.

The Heart of India

February 22-March 12, 2018

Join Bill Buskirk `66 and Marianne Cope `71 on an Earlham alumni adventure to India. They couldn’t be more excited to finally head to India after many years of saying how perfect an addition to the series of trips it would be. India presents a wealth of the elements Bill and Marianne love to weave into alumni journeys; an incredibly vibrant history; diverse landscapes and cultures; immersive wildlife experiences; top notch local guiding; and unique accommodation. Few travel destinations can match its diversity and allure; few destinations are as challenging and rewarding.

Trip highlights include:

  1. Visiting Delhi’s Jama Masjid Mosque and Old City Markets
  2. Tiger & Wildlife Safaris in both Kanha and Pench National Park
  3. Celebrating the Festival of Holi
  4. Visiting artisan workshops and markets in Jaipur
  5. Early morning visit to the Taj Mahal
  6. Birding in the Keoladeo National Park
  7. The ghats and temples of the Holy City of Varanasi
  8. Walking the streets and markets of Jodhpur, The Blue City
  9. Visiting rural villages to gain a sense of how traditions persist in modern India
  10. Top rate Indian National Tour Guide escorting the group from start to finish

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Visit Tanzania

Tanzania 2018 Tentative Itinerary

For more information about this exciting travel opportunity, please contact Brent Smith or Nancy Taylor.

Earlham Friends and Alumni Tanzania Safari

June 17-July 6 (or June 29), 2018

Join Earlham professors Brent Smith and Nancy Taylor on a safari to Tanzania in the summer of 2018. Come together to explore one of the world’s great wildlife spectacles and experience the diversity of cultures in this stunningly beautiful country. Brent and Nancy have been professors at Earlham since 1981. Having led many foreign study programs for Earlham including nine semester-long programs in East Africa, they’d like to share their experience and passion for this wonderful place with you.

The safari will offer two weeks of wildlife and cultural experiences in the northern part of Tanzania, with an additional (and optional) third week with the Swahili people on the historic island of Zanzibar.

Trip highlights include:

  1. Tarangire National Park, which is particularly known for its great number of elephants
  2. A cultural tour of the town of Mtu wa Mbu
  3. A game drive into the fantastic Ngorongoro Crater and time at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  4. A safari in the Serengeti with a stay in a "tented camp"
  5. Visit to Loiborsoit village, the Maasai community that has welcomed Earlham students for homestays for many years
  6. Zanzibar's Stone Town and spice farms
  7. Snorkeling in the Indian Ocean

See an updated tentative itinerary online now!

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