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We are pleased that you are accompanying your student on this journey. Your involvement in the admission process is essential as your daughter or son prepares for this next step in their education experience.

What can you do to help your child during the college search process?

Allow them to "drive" the process. You can be an excellent sounding board and source of encouragement and support. Offer your opinions when they are sought and help provide the opportunities for your child to fully explore their options.

What can you do during your child's visit?

During our special preview or visit days, there are scheduled panels for parents with current students, teaching faculty and student resource administrators. Our financial aid office has open office hours and members of the financial aid staff are happy to meet with you about your specific questions. You can also ask to meet with your child's admission counselor. During an individual visit, parents usually meet with the admission counselor who conducts the interview with their student. We will try our best to accommodate any special meetings you would like to schedule with the financial aid office, disability services or student resource areas. Parents usually accompany their child and at least one current student to lunch if you are here during the day.

How does the application process work?

Earlham only accepts the Common Application and there is no application fee. There are three application deadlines for first-year students. Applicants must submit all of the required information in order to be considered for admission. Decisions are communicated by letter. Student responses need to be received by January 15 for Early Decision and May 1 for Early Action and Regular Decision.

What do I need to know about financial aid?

If you plan to apply for financial aid, you must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after you complete your tax forms but no later than March 1. The financial aid office sometimes requires additional information and will notify your child through e-mail, your child's Earlham Connect page (prior to admission), or the Heart (Earlham's on-line portal for admitted students). Both Earlham Connect and the Heart require a username and password. After all requirements have been met and your child has been admitted, your child's financial aid award will be available on the Heart by April 1. Students are notified of any merit or non-need based scholarships separately.

How is information about admission and financial aid communicated?

Most of the communications from the Admission Office are sent to your child via email. It is important for the Admission Office to have a valid e-mail address and for that e-mail account to be checked regularly. Admission Office decision letters and some other communications are sent through regular mail. Financial aid information and awards are communicated via email, your child's Earlham Connect page (prior to admission), or the Heart (Earlham's online portal for admitted students).

What is involved in new student orientation?

New students arrive on campus about five days prior to the first day of classes. During that time they participate in a number of activities, panels, and events (designed and led by current students and faculty) to help introduce them to both the academic and residential life of the College. Whether meeting and/ or dining with their academic advisers, gathering on their halls with other new students, exploring the city of Richmond through community service projects, learning about Earlham's community code from student government representatives, or "getting connected" to the internet, students will easily make their transition to college. There are activities planned for parents, too, during the first two days following a student's arrival for orientation. A full schedule of New Student Orientation activities for both the student and her/his parents is provided during the summer prior to the students' arrival on campus.

What do graduates do with their Earlham degrees?

Earlham is committed to providing an exceptional education for its students and to preparing its graduates for success in all careers covering the full spectrum of human endeavor. Although the majority of Earlham students go right into the workforce upon graduation, within several years, many Earlham alumni are enrolled in graduate school programs. Nearly 50 percent of Earlham students attend graduate school within 10 years of graduation, often at such prestigious schools as Columbia, Harvard, Georgetown, Notre Dame or the University of Chicago. Our students also regularly continue their studies at flagship state universities across the U.S. Recent alumni have also earned graduate degrees at such international institutions as Oxford, McGill, Uppsala and the London School of Economics. In addition to succeeding in their chosen careers, Earlham graduates are concerned leaders, involved citizens and caring parents, achieving their personal goals while working for the common good.

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