Online at Earlham

This summer Earlham College is offering online courses for currently enrolled students, alum and the general public at a 65 percent discount. Make the most of your summer by taking a class—check the course list for your next great learning experience. Current students, mark off a course from your four-year plan and save on tuition at the same time!

The deadline to register for online summer courses has passed. Check back in the spring of 2022 to view online course offerings for next summer.


Online summer courses will be offered during one seven-week term.

Courses will be delivered through Moodle, an online learning platform. All courses will be delivered in an asynchronous format with some courses offering optional synchronous components, as noted in the section above. Course deadlines and assignments will be detailed in the syllabus for each course. Reliable internet connectivity will be required during the seven-week term to ensure access to the course. Access to a laptop, desktop or tablet with a keyboard is strongly recommended to complete written assignments.

Asynchronous means that while there will be course and assignment deadlines, enrolled students will not have to meet online at specific, pre-determined times. Synchronous learning happens in real time, in which enrolled students will meet with the professor online at a specific, pre-determined time.

The course fee is $1,650 for 3-credit courses, or $550 per credit hour. This fee is a 65 percent discount rate on normal Earlham tuition.

Online summer courses will not be eligible for financial aid.

Courses may have required textbook(s), which is not included in course fees.

  • Courses will be open anyone with a high school diploma who meets admissions requirements.
  • Students must meet the standard course prerequisites for any course they enroll in.
  • Students may only register for one course in the summer term due to the intensive nature of an online 7-week course.
  • Minimum enrollment for these courses will be six students or the course may be canceled.

Deadlines and important dates for current Earlham students:

  • 4/5-4/16: Academic advising period
  • 4/19-4/23: Fall and summer registration
  • 4/24-5/12: Extended summer registration
  • 5/26: Summer courses begin
  • 5/27: Final day to withdraw from course with full refund
  • 6/23: Final day to drop course
  • 7/15: Final day of courses

Deadlines and important dates for those not currently enrolled at Earlham:

  • 3/15-5/12: Application and registration period
  • 5/26: Summer courses begin
  • 5/27: Final day to withdraw from course with full refund
  • 6/23: Final day to drop course
  • 7/15: Final day of courses


CHIN 382 Chinese Love Stories (3 credit hours)

Instructor: Ying Liu
What is love? Is Love hard-wired or socially constructed? Is love personal or universal? Why is love so important to our understanding of ourselves and our culture and society? This course offers an inquiry into the rich Chinese tradition of literary narrative on love/passion so as to guide students to develop a deeper understanding of the above questions/intellectual debates. Course Readings will include a variety of literary genres and texts from ancient period through the 20th century.
Course format: Asynchronous with optional synchronous elements 

ECON 340 Banking and Monetary Policy (3 credit hours)

Instructor: Mark Lautzenheiser
This course will cover special issues that arise in the field of banking, and financial institutions in general, such as asymmetric information and understanding how central banks mitigate some of the problems through regulations and it’s understanding of financial crises and their relation to monetary policy will be explored. The course covers historical economic episodes (e.g., Great Depression, Asian Financial Crisis, Great Recession, etc.) as well as current conditions.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Economics or permission from the instructor
Course format: Asynchronous with optional synchronous elements

HIST 340 Poxes and Plagues: History of Medicine through Epidemics (3 credit hours)

Instructor: Kendall Thompson
Starting with the Black Death and progressing to our present-day pandemic we will examine major developments in medical history alongside major human pandemics.  Focusing on sources and events outside the typical History of Medicine narrative, we will engage critically to develop a more inclusive understanding of the History of Medicine.
Course format: Asynchronous with optional synchronous elements 

MGMT 200 Financial Accounting (3 credit hours)

Instructor: Robert Couch
An introduction to the construction and interpretation of financial statements, valuation of assets, financial ratios analysis, and the construction and use of budgets for decision making.
Course format: Asynchronous with optional synchronous elements 

MGMT 368 Business Communications (3 credit hours)

Instructor: Seth Powless
This skills-based business communication course equips students to effectively make oral presentations alone and in teams, lead meetings, and write for a business audience. Students will learn how to create a sensory experience in their oral presentations while clearly presenting information, facts and data. Students will practice writing concise summary reports and adopt acceptable business conventions for various correspondence mediums.
Prerequisite: Sophomore or above standing or permission from the instructor
Course format: Asynchronous with optional synchronous elements  

MUS 350 History of Rock (3 credit hours)

Instructor: Keith Cozart Steele
This online asynchronous course will examine the people, places, and musical development of the popular music phenomenon known as Rock.  Chronology will begin in brevity with the origin(s) of Rock ‘n Roll (ragtime, blues, jazz, etc.) followed by its birth in the 1950s and Rocks progression through the present. The musical concepts/materials of this course, although based on the era of Rock music, will attempt to cross-relate general musical ideals toward a better understanding of all music. 
Course format: Fully asynchronous 

PSYC 115 Introduction to Psychological Perspectives (3 credit hours)

Instructor: Rachael Reavis
The course is an introduction to the field of psychology, from human development to social interactions to memory and more. Students will learn to apply psychological principles to their own lives and careers.
Course format: Fully asynchronous

PSYC 371 Motivation and Emotion (3 credit hours)

Instructor: Angel Muñoz
This course provides students with an introduction to classic and contemporary theories of motivation and emotion. Students explore how different types of needs (physiological or psychological), cognition, and emotion affect the motivational process. Students apply their understanding of motivation and emotion research to everyday life and real-world problems.
Prerequisite: Psychology 115 or 116 or permission from the instructor 
Course format: Asynchronous with optional synchronous elements 

ED 615 Trauma-Informed Classroom and Social Emotional Learning: Respect for Persons in our Current Climate* (3 credit hours)

Instructor: Meghan Scales
How can we use the new science about the impacts of trauma to help us create a supportive and productive environment for all students? Join us in readings, conversations, data gathering, and planning and implementation activities to help ourselves grow to the next level in preparing a solid classroom climate.
Course format: Asynchronous with optional synchronous elements
*This course is only open to practicing K-12 educators at a reduced price of $750 for a total of 3 credit hours.