Student Scholarly Conference Travel Award

Students who have been accepted to present research at, or invited to actively participate in (e.g., give a keynote address, moderate sessions, etc.), scholarly conferences during each year (running from July 1 – June 30) can apply for funding to assist with travel costs from the Student Scholarly Conference Travel fund.

Travel funding awards may be for any amount up to a maximum of $750 dollars per student (for one or two students traveling to a specific conference) or will be for a total of $2,000 for three or more students to attend the same conference. These funds may only be used to help defray actual travel expenses. Students should apply as a group (if more than one student would like to attend the same conference) or individually if only one student would like to attend.

Available funding is limited and cannot be guaranteed to all applicants. Preference in funding will be given to students making formal academic presentations, although requests to support other kinds of scholarly participation will be considered. Funds will also be prioritized for students who have not yet received this support from Earlham.

Note that applications must include answers to all questions, as well as a detailed budget based on the form available through the application form.

To apply, students should fill out the Application Form.

Students must submit receipts for reimbursement of all expenses incurred. As a condition of receiving a Student Scholarly Conference Travel Award, recipients will be expected to present their research results, or share about their experience, at EPIC Expo.


Veronica Bradley
Olivia Tienen
Minda Dettman
Anisha Dongol
Flannery Currin
Grace Makhoul

Atit Bashyal
Jennifer Barrett
Abbey McCullogh
Muhammad Mujtaba
Anna Schonwald

Erin Bumpus
Jingwei Dai
Nhi Dinh
Fadee Disoke
Jessica Feliz
Zayang Gao
Jinhee Kim
Hannah Munro
Soeya Naing
Jensen Pennock
Clarice Perryman
Doroteja Rubez
Skibei Shen
Chunghha Sherpa
Cameron VanCleave
Sam Weitekamp

Sohrab Amiri
Esteban Arguedas
Sadi Coughlin-Prego
George Crowson
Andrey Gavrilov
John Hornak
Ram Itani
Jelena Juras
Jinhee Kim
Kristin Muterspaw
Ashutosh Rai
Deeksha Srinath

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