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Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

About the Center

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a key element in the integrative education at Earlham College (EPIC).  The Center builds upon Earlham’s deep and longstanding commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship, innovative teaching, learning and transformative social action through a focus on entrepreneurship (with a driving focus on social entrepreneurship) and innovation. Through EPIC, the Center facilitates students optimizing their 21st century Earlham education through the lens of social entrepreneurship and innovation.  The work of the Center supports Earlham’s mission to “educate morally sensitive leaders for future generations.”

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Our Purpose
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For students, faculty and community partners, the Center is a high impact and high visibility program that helps students move their passions, ideas and ideals from theory to practice. Collaborative learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom provide a cohesive and coherent education experience to help students prepare for a rewarding and meaningful career.

Interdisciplinary Connections

While closely aligned with the Earlham Global Management program, the Center is a bold and visionary initiative that involves students and faculty from all of the College’s disciplines and majors. The Center facilitates connecting curricular and co-curricular activities through courses, workshops, clubs and internships.

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Integrative Collaboration

The Center provides a platform for internal and external integrative collaboration.

The center offers:

  • High impact collaborative research opportunities between students to students and students to faculty.
  • Co-curricular activities like the Net Impact Chapter at Earlham to workshops such as “Launching a Social Enterprise,” “Scaling and Measuring Social Impact,” to the “Earlham/Fullbridge 6-Day Business Bootcamp.” 
  • The Earlham Prize for Creative Capitalism — The Business Plan Competition for Social Entrepreneurship. Learn More →
  • Exceptional global learning opportunities, including off-campus learning opportunities through the Center for Global Education and internships through the Center for Career and Community Engagement.
  • Access to career coaches and alumni mentors, through the Center for Career and Community Engagement.
  • Earlhamites win $1M Hult Prize to meet Clinton's Urban Spaces Challenge. Learn More →
  • Methane Hub's waste-to-energy solution for Haiti takes 1st at Earlham competition. Learn More →
  • NadaBot is a chatbot application created by Earlham College students suited to improve the way students and faculty utilize their resources and exchange goods/services. Learn More →

The center facilitates opportunities for student-faculty collaboration on research projects and real-world social entrepreneurship initiatives.

  • To collaborate with students on research projects or engagement activities.
  • To engage with colleagues from across the College and with visiting experts in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Center facilitates opportunities for alumni to:

  • Serve as a mentor for current students.
  • Provide an internship to an Earlham student.
  • Network with Earlham students, faculty and staff.

The Center provides opportunities for individuals, corporate sponsors and foundations to provide financial support to ensure that Earlham, in general, and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation remain distinctly Earlham and to support the mission and value proposition of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Current donors include:

  • Lilly Endowment
  • Levinson Foundation
  • Freeman Foundation
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Economic Growth Group

The Center is a focal point for profit and nonprofit organizations to partner with the Center to:

  • Collaborate with Earlham students and faculty who excel in areas of study and research that can benefit the organization.
  • Recruit Earlham students to join your organization through internships, externships and permanent employment.
  • Enhance the organization’s image by collaborating with one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the United States, with global recognition.
  • Reduce organizational costs in the areas of research and recruiting, and improving the organization’s return on investment.

We are currently working with:





Richmond Baking Company
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News and Events

Hult Prize Competition 2019 — Ready for Regionals

The campus competition round have concluded for the Hult Prize 2019, the worlds largest student competition for social good! This year's Hult Prize marks the 10th-anniversary of the competition. The challenge for each team involved is to "build the foundations of a venture that will provide meaningful work for 10,000 youth within the next decade." Each team that competes has the chance of winning $1 million in start-up capital to launch their world-changing social venture. Thank you to all the teams who competed this year. We are proud to say that we will be sending two teams this year - Masinani Farmers Initiative and Quarelew Co-op - to compete at regionals in March. We wish them the best of luck on their journey.

Last year, Earlham sent two teams - Methane Hub and Mashinani Farmers Initiative - competed in the regional finals of the 2018 Hult Prize in San Franscisco and Mexico City. Read More →

Earlham Prize for Creative Capitalism — Competition Begins!

In the Earlham Prize for Creative Capitalism, teams of up to five students hone their business skills from their business ideas and elevator pitches to develop business plans to launch their social entrepreneurship endeavors. The competition will award more than $40,000 in seed capital with the grand-prize winner receiving $20,000 to help start its endeavor. Competition rules and eligibility have been updated for this year's competition.  Read More →

Timeline for 2018-2019 Earlham Prize for Creative Capitalism

  • Elevator Pitch: February 23, 2019 
  • Cameo Round: March 23, 2019
  • Cameo Round Winners/Final Round/Judges Prep Review: April 13, 2019
  • Finals Round: April 27, 2019

For More Information

For further information regarding the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, please contact Gene Hambrick, Director Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Executive in Residence, or 765-983-1356.