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What do PAGS Graduates have to say about the program?

"The PAGS program is what brought me to Earlham. It has simultaneously fostered a healthy sense of indignation and a belief that I am equipped to challenge systemic issues. It provided me with a useful vocabulary to describe and understand 'the world,' from social-justice movements to economic policies. PAGS shaped me and continues to influence how I think and act. The program is both academically and emotionally challenging, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I encourage anyone who is interested to take a PAGS class and talk with PAGS professors and majors.”

 --- Emily Pfleiderer '13

“What I have to say about the Peace and Global Studies program at Earlham College is that you will never find an interdisciplinary undergraduate program in Peace Studies that is as rigorous, critical, and empowering. This program is both flexible and cohesive. While it was powerful in my time at Earlham to study not just the world as it is, but the world as it could be, I recognize that it was merely the beginning and foundation to lifelong learning and exploring what theory and praxis in justice mean and look like. Not a day goes by that I don't think about PAGS in relationship to my day to day experiences and questions.”

--- Noor Balbaky ’13

 "The PAGS program completely changed the ways in which I engage with the world around me, from the micro to the macro level. I feel that I have the tools to effectively and critically engage with issues and situations that I am passionate about, as well as see how they are connected to a larger framework. PAGS isn’t just a program to study. It’s a way to live your life. I’m forever grateful that I chose this challenging and necessary program."

 --- Ginny McNulty ’13

 "PAGS will be one of the hardest things you do, not just on an intellectual level, but on an emotional one. While this program has Peace in the title, it’s about so much more than that. Your mind will get broken. You won't be able to go back to looking at your relationships, your home, your government, or the global economy the same way. But, when you finish the program, you'll realize having your mind broken was exactly what needed to happen in ways that you can't even imagine now."

 --- Tory Smith ’12

“I am always initially surprised at conferences and other peace studies academic gatherings that people know Earlham’s PAGS program, but I shouldn’t be. PAGS is both widely known and deeply respected as one of the oldest and strongest undergraduate peace studies programs in the U.S., and for good reason. One professor I met at a conference not only knew about Earlham’s PAGS program, but referred to it as a ‘super power’ of Peace Studies.”

 --- Rosalyn Endlich ’12

 “Studying Peace and Global Studies pushed me to develop the lens through which I see the world. PAGS classes taught me to question my thoughts, words, and actions. These classes - taught by thoughtful, critical professors - also encouraged me to pursue my passions. I am more confident and contemplative because of my degree in Peace and Global Studies. It is an experience that is unmistakably Earlham, and one I highly recommend.” 

 --- Meredith Morgan ’11

“The Peace & Global Studies Program supported me in constructing and deconstructing processes of change and my role as an individual and community member within this history. PAGS gave me the space to engage, with academic rigor, not only what exists on a societal plane, but what could exist. The tools and knowledge that I found through this course of study are ones that I consistently utilize and will continue to draw on throughout my life. It is a background that gives me assurance even as I walk into complex situations in both my personal and professional life.”

--- Hannah Thanhauser '11

"To me, PAGS always meant celebrating the permanent connection between yourself and critical thought- it was about welcoming wrong answers and solution-less problems.  Being a PAGS major means that you will be challenged every day of your education and on the days that you're not feeling challenged, it probably means that you didn't do the reading.  As a graduate of the program, I think it's the most intellectually and often emotionally difficult majors, but perhaps I am biased. Luckily, I also happen to think it's one of the best and most important decisions I've made in my life." 

--- Megan Totzke ’11

"PAGS is a wonderfully unique program that will allow you the opportunity to explore many different departments at EC through classes that are cross-listed. It's not only academic, but helped me to develop a strong world view and principles to live by."

— Kymberlie Quong Charles '02

"Dig into this program and get everything possible out of it. It will help you later in ways you can't predict."

— Kim Christensen '76

"I speculate that the uniqueness of the program at least made me stand out [in applying to graduate programs more] than the thousands of English or History majors."

— Sara R. Bradbury '99

"I actually see job descriptions, particularly in the United Nations, requesting candidates with a peace studies background."

— Hannah Entwisle '99

"So many areas of study can impart you with tools or even ways to think, but PAGS is special and distinctive in that it can help you craft a theory of action or an underlying philosophy to guide your action. There's a lot of hard and important work to be done in this world and it becomes much more possible to stay the course when you have an informed and historically grounded perspective on social change."

— Marc Lavine '93

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