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Chemistry Department Instrumentation


Nmr 300x 275

Jeol 400mHz NMR

Frontier 300x 275

Perkin Elmer Frontier FTIR with Pike Gladi ATR

Gcms 300x 275

Varian GC/MS with PAL autosampler


Perkin Elmer ICP-AES Spectrometer


Perkin Elmer Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
with Graphite Furnace and Flame

Hplc _-_u

Varian HPLC with UV/VIS and Fluorescence
detectors and fraction collector

Flashrf _300x 350

CombiFlash Rf Flash Chromatography System

SPS300x 350

MBraun Solvent Purification System

XRF300x 275

Innov-X Systems Portable XRF

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