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August EPIC Terms

August EPIC Terms are exciting, pre-semester programs ranging in topic and location, ensuring you find a program you will love.

Programs in 2018 are:

For New Students:


For Returning Students:

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August Wilderness - Mountain (July 28 - August 16, 2018)

August Wilderness gives incoming first-year students the opportunity to begin their Earlham education with a backcountry wilderness adventure that promotes introspection and personal development during this highly transitional point in their lives. The Mountain program takes students to the Uinta Mountains in Utah and involves backpacking in elevations ranging from 8,000 - 13,000 feet. This trip is led by student and faculty instructors who aim to facilitate an experience that encourages growth, self-discovery, and learning. Participants can earn three academic credits. The course fee is $1,900 (deposit of $250 reserves your place, and financial aid is available to those who qualify and apply by June 1, 2018). Applications will be accepted from March 1, 2018 until June 1, 2018.

PLACE - Environment & Community (August 12-17, 2018)

PLACE (Perspectives on Living and Community Engagement) invites incoming first-year students to explore Richmond, Indiana, and the surrounding region to better understand the local community and envision their place within it. This experience is led by faculty and student instructors who understand and appreciate the relationship between Earlham College and the local community. This program carries no academic credit. The program fee is $225. Applications will be accepted from March 1, 2018 until June 1, 2018.

Fullbridge (August 12-18, 2018)

The Earlham/Fullbridge 6-day Business Boot Camp is an intensive program that exposes rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors of any major to core workplace competencies as well as key concepts and behaviors for success in the modern workplace. Participants will focus on professional development, business analysis, effective communications, finance and quantitative skills, business decision making, and design thinking and project management. Applications will be accepted until March 9, 2018.

This EPIC Term is sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Fullbridge ...

  • is a 6-day experience for students who will start their sophomore, junior or senior year at Earlham in the Fall 2018 semester.
  • is open to students of any major.
  • teaches students core workplace competencies through a "flipped classroom" model.
  • allows students to work together as teams as well as individually.

Fullbridge ...

  • is a non-credit bearing 5-day experience, running from Sunday, August 12, through Saturday, August 18, prior to the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester. This CEI sponsored course will be instructed by the Fullbridge program.
  • Learn multiple workplace competencies
  • Collaborate on certain team-based projects and work independently on other projects
  • Receive support from Fullbridge-trained coaches throughout the 6-day program
  • Develop skills that can be applied to any workplace situation

 Faculty Coordinators:

  • Gene Hambrick, M.B.A., Director of the Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Executive in Residence


  • This program carries no cost.

Questions? Looking for more information?

Email Gene Hambrick at

Peace Corps Prep: International Civic Engagement (August 11-17, 2018)

Peace Corps Prep: International Civic Engagement provides rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors already enrolled in the Peace Corps Prep Program with a core course in intercultural competence. By preparing a feasibility study for a development project in our own community, Peace Corps Prep students will build capacity to shift perspective and behavior around relevant cultural differences, as well as reflect upon ourselves in relation to others. This program will take place both on Earlham’s campus and in and around the community of Richmond, Indiana. Applications will be accepted from February 27, 2018 until April 22, 2018.

This EPIC Term is co-sponsored by the Center for Social Justice and the Peace Corps Prep program.

Peace Corps Prep ...

  • is a 7-day immersive experience for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors who have enrolled in the Peace Corps Prep program.
  • is open to both US citizens and non-US citizens.
  • prepares students for careers in international development.
  • increases self-awareness and cultural agility by critically thinking about engaging across cultures.
  • teaches students about domestic and international fieldwork.
  • mentors students in self-care during international work experiences.

Peace Corps Prep ...

  • is a non-credit bearing 7-day experience, running from Saturday, August 11, though Friday, August 17, prior to the beginning of the Fall 2018 semseter. It is led by faculty of Earlham's Peace Corps Prep program and supported by the Center for Social Justice.
  • Group-designed development project
  • Exploring community needs
  • Farmers' Market exploration
  • Informational field trips
  • Interviews with key community leaders
  • Observational fieldwork
  • Feasibility study for future volunteer contributions

Faculty Coordinators:

  • Jennifer Seely, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Politics; Director of the Peace Corps Prep Program


  • Program fee of $200.
  • Includes all expenses during the program - accommodations, all meals and equipment, transportation.
  • Does not include transportation to Earlham before the start of the program; meals after Friday, August 17; food costs beyond what is distributed; incidentals.

Questions? Looking for more information?

Email Jennifer Seely at