Leadership Applied Minor (AM)

The applied minor in leadership provides you with a foundation in ethical leadership and decision-making, a skillset highly sought by today’s employers.

Program details

This applied minor will introduce you to interdisciplinary ways of thinking about leadership, ethics, morality and decision-making, and help you integrate what you are learning in the classroom with your co-curricular activities.

Applied minors (AMs) are distinctive programs allowing you to personalize your education and to help you make direct connections between academic interests and co-curricular activities.

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The following course is required:

  • MGMT 211 Leadership: Theory & Practice

Three of the following courses:

  • AWPE 308 Stables Instructor Program
  • EDUC 221 Outdoor Trip Leadership
  • EDUC 310 Experiential Education
  • ENG 309 Prophetic Black Women
  • ENG 353 Topics in Peace and Justice
  • ENSU 141 Environment, Society and Sustainability
  • HDSR 239 Persons and Systems
  • MGMT 312 Leadership and Change
  • MGMT 342 Leadership and Dealing with Differences
  • MGMT 368 Business Communication
  • MUSE 224 Uses and Abuses of Museums
  • PAGS 342 Conflict Resolution
  • PSYC 356 Psychology of Prejudice
  • THEA 270 Theatrecraft
  • THEA 333 Applied Theatre: Assistant Stage Manager
  • THEA 335 Applied Theatre: Master Electrician
  • THEA 339 Assistant Designer
  • Any Ford/Knight research course concerning issues of leadership


Co-curricular activity

You will also complete one of the following co-curricular activities:

  • Participation in the Bonner Scholars program for at least two years
  • Participation in Quaker Fellows program for at least two years
  • Student leader of Model UN for at least one year
  • Outdoor Education Student Leader Training for at least one year
  • Resident Assistant Training and work for at least one year
  • Earlham Student Government for at least one year
  • Student event manager for at least one year
  • Leadership position in theater production for at least one production
  • New Student Orientation Leadership Group for at least one year
  • Convener of a student group for at least one year
  • Barn staff position for at least one year
  • Captain or leadership position on an athletics team for at least one season


Culminating experience

You will complete one of the following:

  • An integrative reflection paper that describes current knowledge of leadership in general and own skills and development gained through applied minor experiences.
  • A significant public presentation on or off-campus such as a presentation of learning, a presentation at college meeting for worship or a conference presentation related to leadership.


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Our faculty will prepare you for the job market to leave Earlham with a clear designation that you possess the marketable skill of leadership that employers seek.

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