Chinese Languages

Earlham’s Department of Languages and Cultures offers courses in Chinese, the language which has more speakers than any other in the world. Whether to help you with interests in travel or business, or as a gateway to one of the world’s great cultures, learning Chinese is incredibly valuable.

In addition, Earlham has an interdisciplinary program in Chinese studies.

Program details

Earlham’s Department of Languages and Cultures offers courses in Chinese.

Course offerings:

  • CHIN 101 Beginning Chinese I
  • CHIN 102 Beginning Chinese II
  • CHIN 103 Beginning Chinese Accelerate
  • CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHIN 202 Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHIN 230/330 Chinese Through Extensive Reading
  • CHIN 301 Advanced Chinese
  • CHIN 350 Political Economy in China and India
  • CHIN 353 Chinese Linguistics
  • CHIN 356 Introduction to Chinese Cinema
  • CHIN 485 Independent Study

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Students seeking to study Chinese language at Earlham have various options.

You could major in Comparative Languages and Linguistics and choose Chinese language as one of the two languages you will study through that major.

Another option is to minor in Chinese studies. This minor requires Chinese language courses and will provide you with a basic foundation of the language.

Our faculty

Our faculty are dedicated to fostering your mastery of Chinese language.

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