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Outdoor Education

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The Outdoor Education Integrated Pathway is designed to prepare students for a leadership role in the Outdoor Education industry, and/or in programs with remote or extended fieldwork components. Through a combination of coursework and field-based experiential learning, the Pathway emphasizes educational and environmental theory, interpersonal and leadership skills, and an introduction to technical skills such as backpacking, canoeing and rock climbing.


Andy Clifford
Director of Outdoor and Environmental Education

Jamey Pavey
Director of the Environmental Leadership Program

Jay Roberts
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; Professor of Education
Plan of Study


The following courses are required:

  • EDUC 210 - Outdoor Trip Leadership — offered annually in Spring Semester
  • EDUC 311 - Advanced Field Practicum — EDUC 210 is a prerequisite
    • 311-1 Wilderness First Responder and/or
    • 311-2 Expedition Trip Leadership - EDUC 210 pre-req) - offered annually as two components in May Term

One of the following activity-specific AWPE Instructor courses:

  • AWPE 300 Canoe Instructor Course
  • AWPE 304 Outdoor Rock Instructor Course
  • AWPE 306 Backpacking Instructor Course
  • AWPE 310 Winter Dogsledding & Skiing Expedition

One of the following education-related academic courses:

  • EDUC 120 Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 210 Outdoor Education
  • EDUC 248 Theory and Practice of Education
  • ENSU 320 Pedagogies of Place
  • HDSR 239 Persons and Systems
  • HIST 359 History of Education
  • MUSE 123 Natural History/Museum Collections Management
  • MUSE 213 Science Education in Informal Settings
  • PAGS 343 Conflict Resolution
  • PHIL 355 Philosophy of Education
  • PSYC 237 Social Psychology
  • PSYC 238 Human Development
  • PSYC 373 Moral Education
  • TESO 344 Language Learning & Teaching
  • Another course will be considered by petition

One of the following natural science academic courses:

  • BIOL 111 Ecological Biology
  • BIOL 226 Biological Diversity
  • BIOL 348 Ornithology
  • BIOL 350 Field Botany
  • BIOL 357 Animal Behavior
  • BIOL 360 Conservation Biology
  • BIOL 362 Insect Biology
  • ENSU 240 Environment and Society
  • GEOL 201 Earth and the Environment
  • GEOL 314 Earth History
  • GEOL 315 Earth Materials
  • PHYS 115 Encounters with Cosmos
  • A May Term will be considered by petition
  • Another course will be considered by petition


Co-curricular Activity

Students must complete one qualifying field practicum experience.

2-3 weeks involving planning, preparation, field time and debrief/evaluation - practicum to be approved by Director of Outdoor & Environmental Education (e.g., AWPE Course Lead Instructor, August Wilderness Instructor, Internship or another experience approved by Director of Outdoor & Environmental Education


Culminating Experience    

All students must submit a capstone portfolio including the following:

  • A statement on personal educational philosophy
  • A critical reflection essay on qualifying practicum field experience
  • A sample written lesson plan from qualifying field experience
  • An outdoor-focused resume