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Transgender Singing Voice Conference

March 30-31, 2019 at Earlham College

The second biannual Transgender Singing Voice Conference, aimed at supporting gender-diverse people in the pursuit of their literal and figurative voice, is a two-day, multidisciplinary, research- and practice-oriented event. This event welcomes those who support the transgender and nonbinary people from a vocal and/or musical perspective - music educators, voice teachers, speech-language pathologists, music therapists, bodywork practitioners, etc. - as well as providing events and resources for transgender people.

We hope to foster collaboration in ongoing research, inspire initiatives in education, and better equip educators and providers as they help their transgender students and clients achieve their vocal goals. General sessions on terminology, etiquette, and legal information will also be provided.


The submission deadline for proposals and scores has now passed. Submissions are under review and notifications will go out mid-February. Thank you.