Athletics Advisory Committee

The Athletics Advisory Committee advises the Director of Athletics regarding athletic policies, providing perspectives from across the community. It also serves as a conduit for community ideas regarding athletic policies. The AAC reports to the Faculty Meeting, Staff Meeting, and Earlham Student Government as a matter of information, to keep all community members updated.

2021-22 Members

  • Adam Hutchinson, (Director of Athletics, ex officio)
  • Bonita Washington-Lacey, (Vice President for Student Life; Dean of students)
  • Cathryn Dickman, (Director of Wellness Programs & Facility Operations, ex officio)
  • Lauren Horton, (Associate Athletic Director/ Senior Women Administrator)
  • Steph Webb, (Full Time Coach-Female Sport), 7/21 – 6/23
  • Dustin Steider, (Full Time Coach-Male Sport), 7/21 – 6/23
  • Vince Punzo, Convener, (Faculty Athletic Representative)
  • Lindsey McGee, (Faculty Athletic Representative)
  • Matt Brown, (Administrative Faculty), 1/21 – 12/23
  • Rachel Kelly, (Staff)
  • Henry Wildes
  • Tyler Smith
  • Vacant