For 175 years. For good.

In 1847, our founders “gathered sticks and kindled a fire and left it burning.” And for 175 years, the spark they kindled has been inspiring this community to new heights of collaboration and discovery.

In 2022, we celebrate everything that makes Earlham, well, Earlham. We honor those who came before: those who made this place the community we know and love through their dedication and support. We celebrate who we are today: our brilliant and collaborative faculty, our bright and talented students, our dedicated and enthusiastic staff, administrators, donors and friends. And we look ahead to a future of promise—because we know that an Earlham education can change the world.

Because of your generosity, Earlham students can continue to change the world for years to come.

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“The institution that would become Earlham College opened in 1847 as Friends Boarding School. … The project embodied the peculiarly Quakerish combination of morality and practicality.”


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Experience Earlham’s history

Earlham’s own Tom Hamm and Jenny Freed have curated a wealth of archival photographs that illustrate Earlham’s evolution, highlighting leaders, faculty, student life, off-campus programs, athletics, alumni, and visitors to campus who have ranged from Martin Luther King Jr. to George Wallace.