Recycling at Earlham

Recycling is an important aspect of waste reduction, and is a celebrated practice at Earlham. Our recycling program is jointly managed by the Facilities Department, Housekeeping Services, and the Sustainability Office. A team of work-study students focuses on education and outreach on campus recycling as well as staffing the transport of recyclables to the central pick-up point. Earlham is a single stream, co-mingled recycling site.

We are now able to accept all of the following items in any recycling bin on campus:

Plastics with numbers 1 or 2 (number is usually on the bottom of a plastic container inside the recycling symbol)
All glass
All steel, tin, aluminum or bi-metal cans or containers
Any color, weight, or texture of paper
Paperboard (cereal boxes etc.)
Telephone books, magazines, catalogs
Corrugated cardboard

Campus houses:

Earlham's Recycling Policy may be downloaded here.

An inventory of all indoor recycling bins may be downloaded here

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