Active inquiry into the human past

History requires active inquiry into the human past. By delving into the past, students gain a better understanding of the present, training them for citizenship and for a life of thoughtful action.

At Earlham, the study of history includes the use of museums, extensive electronic media and our Quaker archives – one of the four or five largest in the world, with more than 12,000 books and nearly as many pamphlets, some dating back to the 17th century.

Earlham's History Major prepares students for a variety of careers. The American Historical Association ranks Earlham 16th in the country for production of future Ph.D.s. Graduates find employment as educators, in archival, library or museum settings or in public history. Most, however, use history to prepare themselves for other careers. Recent graduates have made successful careers in business, law, management, medicine, politics, foreign service, publishing, political advocacy, ministry, law enforcement and public service.

Earlhamite Historians

Sara Gelser
The Stateswoman

When she took public office in 2005, Gelser became the youngest woman serving in the Oregon State House of Representatives, and was quickly tapped by colleagues for leadership roles, including several years as Assistant Majority Leader.

Taylor Jeromos
Beyond Mainstream History

History major Taylor Jeromos ’14 looks beyond the traditional narratives as she focuses on medieval and women's history.

Andrew Simkin
Consul General

Andrew T. "Andy" Simkin '83 is U.S. Consul General in Chennai, India. A career foreign service officer, the history major previously served in Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Cuba, Spain and Kuwait.

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