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Alumni Council


Alumni Council serves as the advisory body to the College on behalf of the Earlham Alumni Association. Alumni of Earlham College are invited to become members of Alumni Council by the Council's Nominating committee or through self-nominations. Members may serve up to three consecutive three-year terms.

Alumni Council meets twice each year on campus to focus on programs and communications to fulfill a number of goals including:

  • facilitating the continuing relationship between Earlham College and its alumni
  • encouraging communication and fellowship among alumni
  • advancing the interest and needs of Earlham College
  • aiding in general promotion of the College to its alumni and the public

In response to these goals, five committees with specific responsibilities carry out the work of Alumni Council:

Recognition Committee

The Recognition Committee participates in activities associated with the recognition of alumni and others associated with Earlham. This committee nominates and processes nominations received from alumni or friends for the Alumni Association's Outstanding and Distinguished Service awards. Nomination materials may be found on the awards web page.

Campus Affairs Committee

The Campus Affairs Committee assists the Alumni Office with planning and implementing on-campus activities that are intended to strengthen relationships with Earlham. This committee also works to bridge the gap between students and alumni.

Off Campus Affairs Committee

Regional alumni association conveners make up the Off Campus Affairs Committee whose members help plan and implement off-campus programs and events. These activities are designed to foster fellowship and communication among alumni, parents and friends, and to help keep these groups informed about the needs of Earlham.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee assists in developing communications for alumni, raising awareness of Alumni Council activities, and promoting name recognition of the College. This committee works closely with the Admissions Office and Marketing and Communications.

Development Committee

The Development Committee works with other Council committees to promote alumni giving to Earlham and implement plans for raising funds to support specific Council projects. This committee also helps provide feedback about fundraising initiatives targeted to alumni.

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