Talk with a TSA Student

You can email a current TSA student. Click on the name to send an email to any of these Waseda students who is studying at Earlham in 2014-2015. You may write to them in English or Japanese.

 Masaki _Nakamura

Masaki Nakamura

Masaki is a sophomore in the School of International Liberal Studies (SILS). At Earlham, he is on the varsity soccer team and in the Japanese Culture Club. He loves magic tricks, which helps him make friends.  His major is Education, and for one of his classes, he is teaching Japanese to students at Earlham.
Ayami _Shoji

Ayami Shoji

Ayami is a sophomore in the School of International Liberal Studies (SILS).  She is taking English, Economics and Management classes at Earlham and plans to stay in the U.S. for an internship after the TSA program.  She is also on the varsity tennis team.
Hirotaka _Sato

Hirotaka Sato

Hirotaka is a junior in the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda.  His major is Global Political Economy.  At Earlham, he is a member of the Gospel Revelations choir and the Japanese Culture Club.  He has plans to travel to many places in the U.S. during his school breaks, including Chicago, Walt Disney World and New York.

Kengo Kawahara

Kengo is a junior in the School of Human Sciences at Waseda.  His major is Health Sciences and Social Welfare with a focus on Migration Studies.  At Earlham, Kengo is a member of the Jazz Ensemble and the Latin Jazz Combo.  He is also enrolled in the Backpacking course, which involves a 4-day hiking trip over the early semester break in the fall.
Minaki _Ota

Minaki Ota

Minaki is a sophomore in the school of Humanities and Social Sciences at Waseda. Her major is English literature. She is a member of Earthquakers, which is a dance team that performs at the home football games.  She will also perform in the Hip Hop dance for Dance Alloy in December.  She plans to stay with an American friend’s family over Thanksgiving break and looks forward to shopping on “Black Friday.”

You may also contact current Waseda students who studied at Earlham during the 2013-2014 academic year.

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