Davis UWC Scholars Program

The Davis Scholars Program offers scholarships to graduates of the United World Colleges schools who are enrolling at a participating U.S. college or university.

In addition, Earlham has a generous financial aid policy for UWC graduates with strong academic preparation and demonstrated financial need. We offer a wide range of partial scholarships, and a select number of students qualify for full awards which cover the costs of tuition, fees, room and board.

Earlham is proud to be one of only 94 participating institutions in the Davis United World College Scholars Program. With more than 100 Davis Scholars living and learning at Earlham, the College is practically the equivalent of a UWC secondary school in many ways.

Students coming to Earlham from a United World College find a familiar atmosphere of international cooperation, with an academic experience that only Earlham provides.

The College is grateful for the partnership with the Davis UWC Scholars Program and welcomes its student alumni with open arms.

Davis UWC Students

Earlham Davis Scholars

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