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The Center for Integrated Learning is the hub for experiential learning at Earlham. We're here to guide and support you in shaping your unique Ten Year Mindset--before, during, and after your Earlham experience.

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For information regarding student employment in Earlham College, please visit Student Employment.

1st Year: Explore

  • Meet with a Career Adviser to begin exploring your major and career options.
  • Complete MyPlan assessments to begin reflecting on who you are as an individual. Participate in at least one informational interview and/or job shadow experience.
  • Create a resume that you can build on throughout your Earlham experience.
  • Get involved in the community, residential life, student activities, etc. Begin planning for off-campus study (semester long or May Term), if interested.
  • Seek out work experiences, internships (be sure to consider EC sponsored internships) and volunteer positions.
  • Begin thinking about the steps you need to take to accomplish your future goals.
  • Talk to a Career Adviser about the importance of building your professional network.

2nd Year: Experience

  • Meet with a Career Adviser to determine an action plan that will help you achieve your goals. 
  • Major should be declared by your second year, in consultation with your Academic Adviser and a Career Adviser. 
  • Continue to develop your resume as you participate in additional experiences, acquire new skills, etc.
  • Develop leadership skills (e.g.  being a convener of a student organization, an RA, a leader in a community project, etc.). 
  • Consider research and teaching experiences. Engage in opportunities that will help you learn more about yourself.
  • Reflect on whether or not you wish to attend graduate/professional school. If applying for a fellowship, begin work on this process.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and begin making personal and professional connections.

3rd Year: Connect

  • Meet with a Career Adviser to evaluate your goals, in preparation for post-graduation planning.
  • Immerse yourself in as many experiences as possible that align with your major and career interests.
  • Determine where there are potential areas of improvement in your resume and be purposeful about seeking out new opportunities.
  • Seek out new connections that will help you grow both personally and professionally. 
  • Push yourself to engage in a challenging experience.
  • Think creatively about additional opportunities that can help you to develop your future goals.
  • If attending graduate or professional school, take time to explore programs. If applying for a fellowship, continue devoting time to this process.
  • Consistently update your LinkedIn profile and continue making new connections.

4th Year: Transfer

  • Meet with a Career Adviser to learn how to most effectively transition to life after Earlham. 
  • Think imaginatively about how you can apply your academic major to life after Earlham. Be open-minded to the many paths available for you with a liberal arts degree.
  • Make sure your resume highlights experiences and skills that align with opportunities you are seeking.
  • Reflect on key experiences and skills acquired through curricular/co-curricular experiences and share these thoughts with potential professional references.
  • Participate in a mock interview with a Career Adviser, in which you will be able to practice telling your "story."
  • If applicable, finalize graduate/professional school and fellowship applications in early Fall.
  • Utilize LinkedIn to network with others in your field and connect to future opportunities.
Jobs and Internships

Explore our resources on finding/applying for jobs, internships, and other opportunities


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Discover fellowship opportunities for a variety of life paths

Graduate and Professional School

Learn more about how to continue your education after Earlham

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