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Policies for Earlham-Approved Programs

Student Eligibility to Apply for Off-Campus Programs

Earlham students in good standing with the College are eligible to apply.

Students who are on a Medical Leave of Absence from the College and who are interested in an off-campus study program should have a healthy and academically successful semester after the MLOA and prior to application and/or approval for off-campus study.

The Application Process

The application for an Earlham-approved Program is a combined package: the Program-specific application and an Earlham application. Both applications are available in the International Programs Office. All application materials should be submitted to the International Programs Office.

Applications are due in the International Programs Office by 5:00 on the application deadline. Deadlines are posted in IPO, in Around the Heart, and on the IPO website.

Selection Criteria for Earlham Semester Programs

Each of the Earlham-approved Programs has its own set of criteria for the selection process. This may include a grade point average requirement, a language requirement, or particular course requirements. Students must meet all requirements.

Earlham criteria for selection include the following:

  • Carefully prepared application and academic plan.
  • Appropriateness of the Program for the student.
  • Personal qualities and contributions to the Program.
  • Special competencies and requirements (such as language skills or course pre-requisites).
  • Demonstrated emotional stability and maturity, indicating the ability to lead a stable, responsible and healthy lifestyle. The International Programs office may therefore consult with the relevant college personnel for advice concerning, but not limited to, recent and serious medical or emotional problems, recent and serious violations of acceptable community behavior such as substance abuse, threats of physical harm, damage or destruction of property, sexual assault. Students on social probation are not eligible to participate.
  • Academic Status. Students who are on academic probation are not considered eligible to apply to or to participate in off-campus Programs.
  • Financial Aid. Eligible students may apply their Earlham financial aid toward one Earlham or Earlham-approved Program. Off-campus study must be part of the 8 semesters of aid.
  • Program Limitations and Priority Factors. If there are more students than there are spaces in the Program, some students may be asked to wait until a later time to participate. Factors such as overall quality of application and seniority / ability to participate at a later date / previous participation in a Program may be considered.
  • Accounting. Students must be in good standing with the Accounting Office. All prior semesters must be paid in full in order to participate.
  • Presentation in interview with Campus Representative.
  • Late Applications. Students who submit applications after the published deadline should include a written explanation of why their application is late. Late applications may or may not be accepted by the individual Programs.

The Student Selection Process

A selection committee composed typically of the Earlham faculty representative, past Program participants, and a representative from IPO reviews the application materials. An interview is also an important component of the process.

The International Programs Office may consult with the relevant college personnel for advice concerning, but not limited to, recent and serious medical or emotional problems, recent and serious violations of acceptable community behavior such as alcohol or drug abuse, threats of physical harm, damage or destruction of property, or sexual assault.

The Student Acceptance Process

The Director of the Earlham-approved Program informs the students of the results of the selection process. IPO forwards selected applicant materials to the individual Program Director. Students will hear directly from the Program Director of acceptance.

Each Program has its own conditions of acceptance. There is usually no appeal for non-acceptance.

The Program Deposit

Each Earlham-approved Program has its own deposit amount. Students pay the deposit directly to the Program.

The Program Cost and Billing

Individual Programs establish fees every year. In addition to Program costs, Earlham charges an administrative fee of $200.00 per semester or $350.00 for academic year. The administrative fees are non-refundable after acceptance. The Earlham Accounting Office bills students for the Program costs and administrative fees. These payments should be made directly to Earlham College. Students will be billed on the regular Earlham billing cycle. Earlham forwards payments to the individual Programs.

Student Withdrawal

Each Program has its own withdrawal policies.


Each Program has its own insurance requirements.

Program Dismissal

Each Program has its own criteria for dismissal from a Program.

Academic Credit and Grades

Grades will be forwarded from each Program to the Earlham College Registrar. Grades will be recorded on the transcript and calculated as part of the grade point average. Students who do not complete the Program will not receive any grades or credits.

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