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Financial Aid Policies

Earlham students may use their financial aid packages for studying abroad with one of the College's programs or an Earlham-approved program, detailed in these policies.

  1. Off-campus semester programs are considered part of your four-year experience.  If you transferred to Earlham from another college/university, your off-campus program aid should be within the number of semesters of aid you have at Earlham as per the Financial Aid office.
  2. Earlham funds may be used on only one off-campus program.  This includes both need-based and merit scholarships offered by Earlham College.  Questions concerning Earlham tuition remission and off-campus programs should be directed to Earlham’s Human Resources personnel.
  3. If a student takes more than one Earlham College or Earlham –approved off-campus program, Federal aid, state aid and aid provided by non-Earlham sources may be used if you are otherwise eligible for that source/type of aid.
  4. Earlham College does not provide or process aid for programs that are not Earlham College programs or Earlham approved programs.
  5. Earlham-funded need-based grant aid is not increased for students on off-campus programs.  To help with possible extra expenses involved in off-campus study (air fare for example) a student loan can be increased if the student has not already borrowed the maximum allowable amount for the academic year.
  6. Student employment is not provided while studying off-campus.  Bonner Scholars should arrange with the Bonner Scholarship Coordinator to do their required service work while they are on their off-campus experience.
  7. May Terms are not considered as off-campus programs.  Instead, they are treated as a Spring Semester Class and additional Earlham-funded financial aid is not available.
  8. Remember to make arrangements with the Accounting office for paying your charges prior to starting your off-campus experience.
  9. Students planning to be off-campus during the Fall Semester are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid by April 1 prior to the start of the off-campus program.
  10. Financial aid may be reduced for a student on an off-campus program when the costs are lower than the on- campus costs.  This happens on GLCA-recognized programs.  For example, if a student has a commitment from Earlham College to provide aid that covers one-half of the student’s tuition, and if the off campus program’s tuition is lower than Earlham’s tuition, the student’s one-half tuition will be based on the off-campus program’s lower tuition.

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