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Writing Tutorial Classes

Writing Tutorial Groups 

ACEN100 First-Year Writing Tutorial (FALL)

Credits: 1

Develop essential writing knowledge and skills including planning, writing thesis statements, researching, citing, revising, and editing. Gain confidence writing academically through practicing writing in-class and workshopping writing from other classes (for first-year students).

ACEN200 ELL Writing Tutorial (SPRING) 

Credits: 1

Gain an understanding of the expectations of writing in the English language. Learn about the different genres of papers assigned in an English curriculum, as well as, formatting and citation requirements. Gain strategies for recognizing common English grammar mistakes and widen vocabulary. (This course is only appropriate for students whose native language is not English, and is most suitable for second-semester first-year students.)

ACEN300 Advanced Writing Tutorial (FALL) 

Credits: 1

Develop advanced writing skills in genre-specific writing. Research and practice discipline-specific writing expectations in your major to improve writing in an advanced academic setting and for your future career. Make your own assignments, keep yourself accountable, and reduce your stress through time management! (junior/senior level class standing required).

Interested in one of these tutorials? Email leavila@earlham.edu to get the details for Fall 2017.

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