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Semester-Long Weekly Appointments

A semester long weekly appointment is a scheduled, intensive weekly tutoring session beginning the second or third week of classes. Students who take on a SLWA may do so independently or they may be recommended by a faculty member. 

- The student writer is paired with a peer consultant who will work with them once a week throughout the semester.

- The peer consultant and student writer will work to establish the writer’s biggest obstacles and collaborate to overcome those obstacles. Just as in the Writing Center, consultants will use the written assignments from the student’s courses as a catalyst in which to teach them skills to improve their writing – however, in a SLWA setting there will be an emphasis on a specific skill (citations, pre-writing, organization, developing a thesis statement, etc…), which might involve extra writing or research on that skill.

- Unlike a Writing Center consultation, there will also be sessions in which there is no writing assignments to focus on, unless the student has writing assignments every week of the semester. In these situations, the consultant and student writer will complete writing activities to practice the skills that prove challenging for the student, or look at past writing to identify areas that still need improvement.

Please contact Laura ( early in the semester to arrange a SLWA.

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