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Grammar and Writing Resources


The Hierarchy of Rhetorical Concerns - planning


Pre-writing Activities (Outlines)


Writing a First Draft

Writing a Thesis

Paragraph Structure


Worksheet to Aid Revision

3 Step Revision

Organizing after drafting

Introductions and Conclusions

The Hierarchy of Rhetorical Concerns


Common Grammar Goofs

Top 15 Grammar Mistakes

Writing Numbers

Identify Those Pronouns

Online Resources

English Grammar 101

This site offers a free, interactive grammar course. The course will take you through the basics of English grammar, giving you a foundation for further learning. Writing and grammar skills are essential in any line of work, at any age, and for any reason. If you struggle with grammatical conventions, the time to build your foundation is now!


Free resource to all Earlham students. Select the title for information about registering.

Grammar Bytes

An amusing site with interactive grammar exercises, as well as easy-to-access (though not the most comprehensive) lists of grammar rules.

Researching and Citing


APA Basics & In-text Citations

APA Formatting


Chicago Style: Instructions and Example


MLA Basics & In-text Citations

MLA Formatting

Introducing and Explaining Quotes

More Resources

Lilly Library

The best resource is close to home! Take advantage of online books, magazines, and journals to assist with writing assignments. You can also renew books, reserve space, request a research appointment, and chat with a librarian!

Genre Specific

Guide to Creative Writing

Guide to Writing Poetry

Writing an Executive Summary

Guide to Writing History Papers

Summary and Response

Annotated Bibliographies

How to Write for Mathematics

Science Writing: Step by Step

Active & Passive Voice

Informative and Persuasive Speech Outline

Writing a Reflection for Psychology


Cover Letters

Writing a Cover Letter

Example Cover Letter


Resume Dos & Don'ts

Resume Example 1

Resume Example 2

Resume Example 3

More Resources

Center for Career and Community Engagement

Earlham's Center for Career and Community Engagement is an invaluable resource close to home. The CCCE offers students the opportunity to make an appointment to meet one-on-one with a Career Adviser. The CCCE also provides resources on resume and CV building, writing cover letters and personal statements, searching for internships and jobs, applying for fellowships/scholarships, and more. Select the title to view CCCE's website or visit the office in The Heart of LBC.

General Writing Resources

 The Purdue OWL

A must to bookmark for any writing resource list: it's comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand. This online writing lab covers the basics of English grammar and usage, with examples of common mistakes.

UNC Writing Lab

While not terribly user-friendly to scan through, this site actually has some great resources for students looking to answer a broad range of questions, including basic grammar, when to use "I," gender-sensitive language, and help for writing specific types of papers for specific departments.

The Writing Center at GMU

George Mason University's Writing Center resource page is both extensive and friendly to use, and includes major-specific tips on writing.

The Center for Writing Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Another comprehensive site that is easy-to-use and friendly-looking. Also includes citation and general writing tips, as well as another helpful list of links for English as Second Language writers.

More Handy Writers Tools

Yes, there's more to writing in the digital age than word processing. Check out these cool tools real writers use.


This zooming presentation editor makes PowerPoint look totally passe. It's fairly easy to learn to use and can help you convey complex ideas and information in a fresh, dynamic, visual way. Check out the example prezis and explore the possibilities.


Based on the wiki concept, SpringNote is a free, intuitive, fun note-taking tool. It even has an iPhone application, because your best ideas often come when you're farthest from your laptop or the library. Taking notes on readings, lectures, convos, and meetings has never been simpler.

The Visual Thesaurus

The Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus that helps you discover the connections between words in a visual way. It can be especially helpful to those learning English to literally see how closely connected various synonyms are perceived to be.

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