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If you have questions about grammar, try!


-Checks for grammatical errors, misspelled words, words used in the wrong context, and misused punctuation.

-Gives detailed explanations about the grammar rule that has been broken.

-Gives examples of correct and incorrect sentences, and offers possible corrections.

-Is free to all Earlham students, faculty, and staff!!!

To register:

1) Visit

2) Click 'Join Your Organization' (upper right hand corner)

3) Fill out the information on the Personal Information page using your Earlham email address

4) Click 'Continue'

5) Grammarly will send an email to your Earlham email address. Once you've receive it click the link and you are ready to go!

To use:

Simply copy and paste your paper onto the Grammarly Review page, click the 'Start Review' button, and Grammarly will walk you through the correction process step by step. When you mouse over the 'Start Review' button, select the style of paper that best describes what you will be reviewing. 

Brief note about the plagiarism checker:

Grammarly has a plagiarism/citation audit available. You can use this function by selecting 'Plagiarism' (next to start review). Please understand that Grammarly only flags resources found on the web. If you are curious if you have cited a book, article, or other hard copy source correctly, please visit the Writing Center. A peer consultant would be more than happy to help you with citation questions. 

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