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Teacher Education


With its values-centered orientation, strong liberal arts tradition and close student-faculty relationships, Earlham College is an ideal place for students to prepare themselves to be caring teachers and educational leaders. Indeed, since 1989, 28% of the College's graduates have entered education as a career; no other endeavor has attracted more Earlham graduates than education.

At Earlham students may:

We believe that a liberal arts curriculum — including courses in the natural and social sciences, fine arts, humanities and world languages — provides the best foundation for education careers because it builds students' abilities of analysis, communication, problem-solving and creative thinking. By earning a major in a specialty, and by taking courses in other relevant fields, our students become equipped with a broad range of knowledge and skills they can apply in the classroom. The M.A.T. admissions director and Earlham faculty work individually with students to help them plan academic programs that will prepare them for further study and personal career goals in the field of teaching.

According to HEDS data, Earlham is ranked 99th (in the 93rd percentile) among 1,469 institutions of higher learning in the U.S. in the percentage of graduates who go on to receive Ph.D.s in education. Of those receiving Ph.D.s in science education, Earlham ranks 35th (in the 97th percentile) and in mathematics education, 78th (the 94th percentile).

Recent graduates of Earlham with an interest in teacher education have pursued advanced studies at such universities as Brown, Chicago, Wisconsin, Columbia, Duke, Illinois and Indiana. Graduates are teaching at the elementary, secondary and college levels in public and private institutions in America and abroad. Others are following careers in Outward Bound, museum work, journalism, social work, library science and mission work.

An increasing number of Earlham graduates enroll in the College's M.A.T. Program, offering certification in social studies, English/Language Arts, math, science and modern foreign languages, all at the middle school and high school level.

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