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Grant Programs

The Sustainability Office initiates and supports collaborative research, study, and action on sustainability related topics both on and off-campus. Funding is available for students under a mini-grant program.

For Students: Student Action Research (SAR) Grants

Student Action Research (SAR) grants allow students to apply for mini-grants in support of sustainability research and action initiatives both on and off-campus. Conference registration and travel expenses, summer research, and other relevant professional development opportunities qualify for funding eligibility (priority in this category will go to students either majoring or minoring in Environmental Studies). Students may also jointly apply in small groups for specific sustainability projects on campus.311832_243230409067989_1822950531_n _0

SAR Grants are typically awarded an average of $500.

Download: SAR Grant Application

Examples of previously funded SAR Grants:

Mountain Justice Summit weekend training/conference (6 students)

Mother Earth News Fair farming conference (4 students)

Bringing Adam Hall to speak on campus

Start-up funding for Greening Athletics project



Don't forget: Reports are due within 2 months of your project's completion. Fill out a report for a completed project online.

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