Are you interested in becoming an Eco-rep?

If so, you are in the right place. Below you will find some frequently asked questions along with a link to the volunteer application. 


  • Who can be an Eco-rep? Anyone who lives in a campus dorm is eligible to apply and become an Eco-rep (including RAs).
  • I live in a house, what about me? Presently we do not have an Eco-reps program for the houses, but if you’ve got ideas we’d love to hear them!
  • Do Eco-reps get paid? Nope, Eco-reps are volunteers. But there are certain perks that you will get for participating in the program.
  • Who’s in charge of the Eco-reps? Eco-reps is a program that is run directly out of the Sustainability Office. The Peer Education Specialist, a Student Sustainability Corps member, is in charge of coordinating the Eco-reps, but since Eco-reps are involved with many different programs they also work with the Free Store Manager and the Energy Programs Manager.

Interested? If so, click here to download the volunteer application. Follow instructions on the application in order to submit the application.


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