Student Sustainability Corps Staff

ClariceClarice Perryman '16, Energy Programs Manager

Clarice is an Environmental Studies major interested in environmental policy.  Aside from sustainability, Clarice loves dancing, cats, knitting, and chai tea lattes.



AdamAdam Moskowitz '15, Energy Conservation Specialist

Adam is a Sociology/Anthropology major from the great state of Maryland.  He enjoys hiking, farmers' markets, and Midwestern rainstorms.



NhiNhi Dinh '16, Energy Conservation Specialist

With a clear vision, a fervent heart, a creative mind, and a camera, Nhi believes she can change people's attitude towards sustainability.  She is majoring in Psychology.




LiyuanLiyuan Gao '17, Data Analysis Specialist

Liyuan works hard and plays hard.  She tries to live a meaningful life, like working in the Sustainability Corps.  She is studying biology and sociology and involved in the equestrian program.



JocelynJocelyn Sawyer '15, Marketing and Events Specialist

Jocelyn has been invovled with sustainability on campus since her first year through the Earlham Environmental Action Coalition, which she now convenes.  She is passionate about environmental justice, vegan food, and Bananagrams.



SamSam Embry '15, Athletics Susatainability Coordinator

Sam is a Sociology major studying American race relations.  He is also a goalkeeper on the men's varsity soccer team.



FayeFaye Christophoro '14, Waste Reduction Specialist

Faye is a Sociology/Anthropology major with a focus on environmental health and trash.




SheaShea Henke '16, Campus Garden Specialist

Shea loves plants, art, and business and wants to make the world a better place using these mediums.  He believes everyone should have access to nature and plants.





NicolNicol Chinchilla Cordero '16, Peer Education Specialist

At Earlham, Nicol has helped organize Energy Wars and interned for the Sustainability Office this summer.  She is also one of the student representatives at the Sustainability Advisory Committee.  At home in Costa Rica, she helps her parents with their farm and sustainable projects.



VestaVesta Davis '15, Dining Hall Sustainability Coordinator

Vesta is an Environmental Studies major and a music minor.  As the Sustainability Coordinator, she conducts self-designed projects to increase the environmental integrity and awareness within the student body and the dining hall.  Her personal interest in environmentalism is environmental justice and social activism.



LaraLara Miller '16, Sustainable Food Specialist

Lara is a Peace and Global Studies major.  She loves the Real Food Challenge and talking about food justice and institutional change.




AdaobiAdaobi Onunkwo '14, Sustainable Food Specialist

Adaobi is a Neuroscience major.  She enjoys coalition building around the intersection of food and social justice.  She is very excited to go to New Zealand in the spring semester!




QuinaQuina Weber-Shirk '15, Compost Specialist

Quina is a Peace and Global Studies major.  She believes that having power over the food that one grows, cooks, and eats is central to culture and identity - and that compost, however unglamorous, is part of that cycle.




Helen Mountjoy-Venning '14, Compost Specialist

Helen is an Environmental Studies major from Olympia, Washington.  She loves composting and climbing trees and she once had a baby duck named Tula.


DavidDavid Masterson '17, Recycling Specialist

David loves cookies, especially chocolate chip ones.  He is also very passionate about acorns.


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