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Earlham Student Senate

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The Earlham Student Senate (ESS) is the primary decision-making body of the ESG, and includes elected and appointed positions.

The elected positions include:

  • Student Executive Council (SEC), which is made up of two co-presidents, two vice presidents and the clerk of the ESS.
  • Two co-convenors to the Student Activities Board (SAB)
  • Two co-convenors to the Student Organizations Council (SOC)
  • One secretary of finance
  • One recording clerk
  • Student Residence Council (SRC), which includes ten student representatives elected from the different residence halls and College houses.

The following are appointed positions:

  • At-large student representatives, appointed in the case when a worthy applicant is unable to join the ESS through the usual methods.
  • Committee Representatives (CR's), appointed members from the College's standing committees.
  • Organization Representatives (OR's), interested students representing a particular student organization.

In addition, the director of Student Activities and the vice president and dean of Student Development serve as advisors to the ESS.

Student Executive Council

  • Cyrus Buckman, Co-President
  • Grace Makhoul, Co-President
  • Ananda Mishra, Vice President of Nominations
  • Diana Marino, Vice President of Communications (Spring 2016)
  • Kristina Brunner, Vice President of Communications (Fall 2016)
  • Rachel Nelrose Sames, Clerk of the Senate

Events Coordinator

  • Dennis Vera

SOC Co-Conveners

  • Eric Nicholson
  • Ramiro Flores

Secretary of Finance

  • Mahmoud Mahdi
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