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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

“Because I said so,” isn’t a phrase you’ll hear much at Earlham. Here, leadership is about more than job titles. To us, leading means:

  • seeing new possibilities
  • daring to express your ideas
  • listening to others’ points of view
  • building consensus
  • jumping in!

That’s why you will have opportunities to lead beginning your first semester on campus. You can choreograph a number for Dance Alloy, start a kayaking club, or volunteer to teach English in the Richmond community. The ways that you can lead at Earlham are as diverse as your interests.

The way we govern the college also reflects our understanding of leadership. We discuss many issues as a whole community, from our athletic conference affiliation to our policy about alcohol. More specific policy recommendations are made by campus committees, and students are eligible to serve on them beginning in their first year on campus.

At Earlham, we don’t fight to the top. We’re invited to collaborate. However you choose to lead, we’re eager to have you join in. 

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