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Co-Sponsorship Information

The Student Activities Board’s (SAB) mission is to sponsor and co-sponsor social and cultural activities for the student body. SAB sets aside money each semester for co-sponsored events. If your Student Organization would like to co-sponsor with SAB, please read the following:

  • If your organization does not need money for your event, but just needs to use our equipment or requires assistance with planning, contact, Tracy Dubs, at 765-983-1582 and she will give assistance.
  • If your organization needs money to make your event happen, there are two easy things you need to do first.
    • Someone from your organization needs to come to one of SAB’s meetings and propose your event. Please contact Tracy Dubs so she can add you to our agenda.
    • Type out the following information and make enough copies that we can keep one:
      1. Name of group.
      2. Contact person, phone number, drawer number.
      3. Event for which you are requesting co-sponsorship.
      4. Description of event, if not self-explanatory.
      5. Date of Event (distinguish between actual or anticipated).
      6. Estimated budget for event. (cost, hotel, food, rider needs, etc.)
      7. Amount of money requested for co-sponsorship with SAB.
      8. Other sources of funding.
      9. Promotional plans. Remember, if SAB co-sponsors this event, our name must be listed on all advertising.

    Criteria for Co-Sponsorship

    1. SAB must be listed on all advertising as a co-sponsor.
    2. The event must be open to all Earlham students, faculty, and staff.
    3. The event must promote social fun entertainment at Earlham College.
    4. The sponsoring organization and/or group of people should not request more than 50% of the total operating costs for an event. If you have funding from the college in other ways (i.e. SOC organizations, groups with some departmental funding, etc.) we prefer to match funds.
    5. The sponsoring organization must be in good standing with the College and/or SOC.
    6. Events that are used as a fund-raising source for organizations or philanthropy projects are not eligible for funding from SAB.



    SAB has made available a limited amount of money for this fund for the semester. Please gauge your requests accordingly.

    SAB plans their events a semester ahead of time. If your organization is planning on having an event in a future semester, please contact us so we do not plan an event over the day or time that you are requesting.

    We ask that your organization does not plan an event at the same day and time that we are having an event.

    Money will be allocated on a first come/first served basis. We reserve the right to decline any application for co-sponsorship.

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