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Earlham's current academic portfolio (as represented on the College website) is a confounding set of curricular offerings and organizational units. It appeals primarily to (and hence Earlham yields better among) undeclared students who are more interested in the overall breadth of the portfolio than in its depth in any particular discipline (where, in head-to-head comparisons with peers, Earlham often comes up short). The portfolio got to its current state through a long and not unusual process of gradually adding academic offerings and rarely if ever subtracting them.

Before we add still more offerings designed to attract new cohorts of students, the strategies included in Pillar #2 of the Earlham Strategic Plan are designed to clean up the current portfolio, removing clutter and unnecessary complexity and freeing up resources that can be more productively deployed elsewhere.

Core strategies for Pillar #2 are as follows:

  1. Simplify and de-clutter the range of curricular offerings
  2. Reorganize academic departments to achieve critical mass
  3. Rebalance the portfolio, shifting resources from lower- to higher-demand areas