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Earlham’s current set of curricular offerings is well designed to attract its traditional cohort of students. In order to grow enrollment significantly, however, Earlham will need to attract new student cohorts through a combination of new curricular offerings targeted at these cohorts and more effective marketing and “packaging” of existing College programs of interest to them. As part of this effort (and in particular to attract high-achieving students), Earlham will also need to address and overcome the perception among prospective students that it is less academically rigorous than peer institutions with which it competes. The strategies that comprise Pillar #3 of Earlham’s Strategic Plan will not in general afford the College any competitive advantage, but they will allow Earlham to catch up  with its peers and mitigate or eliminate some key competitive disadvantages.

Core strategies for Pillar #3 are as follows:

  1. Broaden and deepen curricular offerings aimed at target student cohorts
  2. Bolster Earlham’s image and reputation for academic excellence
  3. Launch an integrated marketing strategy to maximize awareness of and benefits from new strategic initiatives